ERP Systems

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Integrated systems covering all departments (financial – human resources – etc …) and linking them to some and any process that they perform affects the operations associated with them

General Accounts

A general accounts program from the isp erp of the distinguished systems that help to follow the financial position of the facility by entering all the restrictions in a simplified manner and extracting many detailed and total reports starting from the professor account and the balance of the audit up to the financial statements An accounts program that eliminates any other accounting program.

Inventory Control

The ERP stores program provides a high level of management and control levels in the inventory by containing a set of excellent features that are usually of interest and application by major companies and institutions with multiple activities, such as the barcode system and receipt of work orders and purchase orders and different balances for each Class (Total Quantity Balance / Purchase Orders / Under Examination / Reserved Quantity / Net Balance) etc.

Receipts & Payments System

It is characterized by the ability to deal with the main and subsidiary accounts, bank accounts and the treasures in any company or institution, which contributes to knowing the movement of exports and imports of the cash treasury and checks as a system tracks all movements and operations related to receipts and payments and accounts of customers, suppliers and banks, and the system works in an integrated manner with all departments in the company

HR Management System

The HR system is the backbone of any facility management, as it takes care of the development of human resources and accurate follow-up of the workflow and employee accounts because it contains parts related to attendance and leave, salaries, incentives and penalties in addition to delays and vacations in addition to supporting the program for all fingerprint devices to facilitate the process of recording attendance and leave and other features

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Installment management systems

A special program for managing installment sales, following up clients, and collecting installments, and helps you to track monthly payments and delays easily for any customer and many other features.

Production and Manufacturing Management.

The manufacturing field is highly dynamic and competitive in nature, which makes it necessary for such companies to have an integrated solution that can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, increase sales and profitability. More importantly, it is empowering the organization to make accurate, informed and strategic decisions.




We offer you the implementation of electronic stores and professionally online shopping websites that serve as a real online market for sale. To increase your profits through e-commerce and selling through the Internet, it features an easy control panel with all the features that you need to help you manage and control the electronic store, add products, follow orders, view reports and the possibility of linking with all electronic payment systems and add an unlimited number of products.

Real State Elements.

A comprehensive and effective real estate program designed in a distinctive way to collect the operations of the accounting systems and real estate management in a programmatically connected way. CRM.