ERP System

  • Date: 20 March, 2018
  • Category: ERP System
  • Skills: Software

Project Brief:

The ERP stores program provides a high level of management and control levels in the inventory by containing a set of excellent features that are usually of interest and application by major companies and institutions with multiple activities, such as the barcode system and receipt of work orders and purchase orders and different balances for each Class (Total Quantity Balance / Purchase Orders / Under Examination / Reserved Quantity / Net Balance) etc.

Receipts & Payments System

It is characterized by the ability to deal with the main and subsidiary accounts, bank accounts and the treasures in any company or institution, which contributes to knowing the movement of exports and imports of the cash treasury and checks as a system tracks all movements and operations related to receipts and payments and accounts of customers, suppliers and banks, and the system works in an integrated manner with all departments in the company